How to Create Vignettes

When you hear the word "vignette," most people think of a short scene in a play or character sketch. A design vignette isn't too different from its theatrical and literary counterparts. Able to deliver a high-impact visuals with minimal effort, vignettes are one of the design world's go-to tricks.

The beauty of creating a vignette is that it's unique to you and what you want to express, and can be changed and rearranged whenever the mood strikes. Before you start throwing together your items, you'll need to apply a few key principles:

Identify objects to anchor your vignette, the scale of your objects, and your dominant colors. Always mix it up! Don’t be afraid to mix eras, styles, or colors. Wood looks great with chrome; transitional looks great against old world. You don’t have to have limitations.

Don’t just stack your books on the shelf. Use them as risers, bases, and items themselves. Books make a great personal statement about your interests, and add pops of color.

Add a touch of greenery. Put plants in unexpected containers. Up high, down low, whatever space needs filler.

Scented candles are an easy way to personalize your room. They are a great addition to a grouping and always look elegant.

Relate your everyday items to piece they are on. Put remotes on coffee table trays, mail in decorative boxes, and bathroom items in baskets. This way they don’t attract too much attention from being out of place.

Editing is crucial. You want the space to look thoughtful, not cluttered.

Hope this helps with some of your at home dilemma's. Also, stop into Woodlands Fabrics & Interiors with any accessorizing questions & I'd be happy to help.



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